TUESDAY'S 10: 10 Household Tips For Lemons

Photo by  Nicola Inglis

All month we have been focusing on lemons... for baking, cooking, choosing treats at coffee shops and out & about. These zesty little fruits are great for so much more than just culinary inspiration however and can be used in a myriad of ways. Here are 10 quick tips on using them around the house.

10 Household Tips For Lemons:

  1. If you have a waste disposal system, chop up a lemon into small chunks and grind to make your sink smell lemony fresh.
  2. To get rid of garlic, onion, fish and other strong odours from chopping boards (or your hands!), rub with half a lemon, let dry then rinse with cold water.
  3. Add lemon peel - pith and pulp removed - to brown sugar to keep it moist and stop it from clumping.
  4. Use lemon juice as a disinfectant for kitchen and bathroom sinks and surfaces. The juice kills bacteria in a natural way and smells a lot better than chemical cleaning products.
  5. Clean silver and brass by mixing lemon juice with bicarbonate soda into a paste, rub on with a soft cloth, leave for a few minutes then wash off with warm dish-soapy water.
  6. Make your own furniture polish by mixing 1 cup of olive oil with 1/2 cup of strained lemon juice in a sealable jar. Dab onto a clean cloth and polish as normal - the lemon juice is great for getting rid of grime whilst the olive oil nourishes the wood and gives a lovely shine. (Do not use on highly polished wooden furniture though!)
  7. To remove stubborn tea, coffee or limescale stains from cups and glasses, make a solution of equal parts water and lemon juice, let sit in the cup or glass for several hours then wash as usual.
  8. Freshen up your dishwasher by squashing half a lemon onto one the prongs. The acid will help degrease your dishwasher and the fresh smell will last several cycles.
  9. To help keep your white washing white, harness the bleaching power of lemons. Add the juice of one lemon to your normal wash cycle for a standard size load, more or less as required.
  10. Remove fruit stains from clothes by squeezing lemon juice on them before washing - brilliant results!

Happy Experimenting,

Love Holly x

Photo by  Nicola Inglis

Photo by Nicola Inglis