TUESDAY'S 10: 10 Table Rules - Written by a 4 & 6yr old

Arabella & Lucy's Table Rules

Arabella & Lucy's Table Rules

To start off my Tuesday feature of bringing you a list of 10 things, here is a something the girls created last week to go on the wall. They were talking about how to behave at mealtimes, what they should and shouldn't do and Arabella decided it would be a good idea to write down a list. (Yes I know, she's definitely my daughter!) I challenged them to come up with ten things and they quickly did - followed by one extra bonus rule... So here they are in their words:

Ten Table Rules:

  1. Sit on your chair nicely, no standing.
  2. No talking with food in your mouth.
  3. Whatever you do, keep your mouth shut when you chew. *
  4. Don't interrupt whoever is talking.
  5. Knife & fork together when you're finished.
  6. Cake or treats are for last.
  7. Wait for your pudding, don't ask and ask and ask.
  8. Stay at the table till everyone's finished.
  9. Ask to get down nicely.

Plus one little extra: "You get what you get and you don't get upset!"

This last little nugget of wisdom came home from Kindergarten one day and has stuck ever since. There's nothing wrong with teaching your children good manners from the very beginning, in fact I encourage you to do so! Even as grown ups we too need the occasional reminder - Lucy is the first to point out rule number two if anybody forgets. So talk about table manners, set a standard that suits your family, lead by example and hopefully with a little patience and practice, mealtimes will become a much more harmonious experience (I'm not making any promises though!).  

Happy Mealtimes,

Love Holly x

* This was a quote from a wonderful book we had from the library when the girls were younger, called "ATCHOO: The Complete Guide to Good Manners" written by Mij Kelly