TUESDAY'S 10: 10 Simple Pleasures

Print available on  Etsy

Print available on Etsy

To tie in with the article I posted yesterday about perfect parenting moments and enjoying the little things in life, I was inspired to put together a quick list of 10 of my favourite simple pleasures. The everyday or occasional things that bring the most meaning, joy and calm to my life when I remember to factor them in. I could list a whole lot more, but here are 10 for now:

  1. The sound and sight of my children's laughter
  2. Long, quiet walks along the beach
  3. Pretty, colourful flowers - in my home or anywhere outside
  4. Having great friends round for dinner
  5. A nice cup of tea and a good book or great movie
  6. Lying on the grass on a sunny day, watching the clouds
  7. Snuggly storytime - priceless quality time
  8. Writing - snail mail, my diary, blog articles...
  9. Switching off and being totally unavailable
  10. Creating something - baking, crafting, sewing, up cycling...

What are some of your favourite simple pleasures? What things bring you the most joy?

Happy Tuesday,

Love Holly x