Celebrating 7 Years

Happy Birthday Arabella! 

Happy Birthday Arabella! 

Lovelyness is... Celebrating 7 years of being a Mummy to this amazing and utterly lovely little lady! 💖🎂.

I know birthdays are all about the children and it's so easy to get swept up in the chaos of parties, balloons, cakes and presents and somehow miss the precious moments... (I've fallen short here in the past so I try not to let it overwhelm me too much now!)

But I also quietly find birthdays a wonderful time for reflection. I get hugely emotional on these special days and am overcome with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the wonderful years that have passed, for the trials & tribulations we've lived & loved through that have bonded us closer together as a family and for the gift of motherhood that arrived with my gorgeous girl 7 years ago...

Of all the things I've failed at in life or not yet achieved, when I look at my daughters and take a moment to appreciate where we are in life and how marvellously they are turning out, I realise that in all actuality I'm doing ok at this mothering job. I've done one thing right after all!  

So my darling Arabella Wednesday, I thank you for your daily joy, for your love, for your wonderful wisdom and for teaching me some of my greatest lessons in life. You inspire me daily in my pursuit of Lovelyness and remind me what's most important in life. Happy Birthday sweetpea, I love you! 

Love Mummy x