I will shortly be starting my “Wonderful Women Wednesdays” series on my blog. Every week I will be featuring someone new who I feel is truly lovely, an inspiration to those around her and who makes a difference in our small world one act of goodness at a time.

Life and the media seem consumed by celebrity gossip and those in the public eye, so instead I am choosing to profile real people, with real lives and real stories that other like minded women can relate to and be inspired by. I think we can find loveliness and great role models all around us if we but take the time to look. I've been looking, and I've certainly found a lot! Over the years and throughout my travels I have collected wonderful women from all walks of life to add to the list of people I treasure and will always remember fondly. I hope this will be a great way of honouring each of them, as well as the new people who cross my path in the future. I will write a short (ish) paragraph introducing them and explaining why I've chosen them, then follow with my 20 questions that will hopefully inspire or entertain you in some way. 

I will also be working on one lovely celebrity to feature each month, starting with Audrey Hepburn in September, so watch this space...

If you know of anyone you think is particularly lovely and would enjoy being profiled here, let me know!

Thanks for stopping by & have a LOVELY day,

Love Holly x