TUESDAY'S 10: 10 Perfect Pastel Pinks

My favourite colour combination... Pastel pink, gold and cream/white. This soft, grown-up girly colour scheme is lovely for clothes, accessories and home decor. Here are ten current items from my everyday life that make my day just that little bit rosier (clockwork from left):

  1. Oversized PJ's - Kmart (A great bargain to fit over the huge leg cast I'm still sporting!)
  2. Pink & Gold Pen - The Langham Hotel, Auckland (A lovely token from a happy visit)
  3. Chanel Lipgloss Nr 347 - Chanel (Every handbag deserves a little glamour)
  4. Storage Container - Freedom (The perfect little pot for my green tea bags)
  5. Pink & Gold Charms - Pandora (Years of saving for my favourite piece of jewellery)
  6. Phone Cover - Goospery (Plain, simple, functional and perfectly pastel pink)
  7. Ice Glam Pastel Silicone Watch - Ice (The perfect watch for summer)
  8. Butterfly Hairclip - eQUIP (Part of a 1920's costume that became a regular accesory)
  9. Long Brooch/Hatpin - Vintage (A lovely gift from my godmother over 15 years ago) 
  10. Leather Notebook - Aspinal of London (Fits in my handbag and so nice to write in)

What is your favourite colour combination? Have you seen any products out there you think I'd love? Feel free to point me in the right direction!

Love Holly x